Nestled in the Heartland of the United States, Urbandale, Iowa, is an iconic representation of small-town charm, endless possibilities, and a sense of community fully embracing the American Dream. Founded in 1917 and extending nearly twenty square miles, this small slice of paradise is empowering and captivating, with a rich cultural climate ripe for exploration. From veteran-owned businesses to dynamic schools and amazing outdoor recreation, this rapidly growing city brings together the best of the Great Midwest, making it a must-see destination for visitors and locals alike. Dallas Center, IA can be seen here. 

Urbandale’s small but mighty business district is a cornucopia of independently owned and operated establishments ranging from small mom-and-pop diners to confidently flourishing big box stores. Whether looking for a primary grocery store or a freshly brewed cup of joe, you will surely be thrilled by the many options available throughout the Urbandale city limits and the surrounding suburbs. Click here to read about Getting to Know the Natural Wonders of Johnston, Iowa.

When it comes to education, Urbandale is second to none. Home to public and private schools, the Urbandale School District ensures that all ages from kindergarten to high school, have access to quality education. In addition, Urbandale offers a variety of post-secondary institutions, including Des Moines Area Community College and Des Moines University, providing students with many academic opportunities.

An emerging cultural hub with a vibrant arts scene, Urbandale offers a variety of venues for the culturally minded, such as the Urbandale History Center, the Box Theater, and the Urbandale Arts Council. There is always something to explore in and around the city between art galleries, live music performances, and local theatres and cinemas.

For outdoor recreation, Urbandale’s combination of natural wonders and outdoor attractions makes it an ideal spot for adventurers. Surrounded by lush greenery, Urbandale offers plenty of walking trails, municipal parks, sports fields, and the Des Moines River running through the city’s heart. Adventure seekers can take full advantage of the nearby Saylorville Lake and Fort Des Moines Recreation Area, where they can canoe, kayak, fish, or just lounge around and enjoy the majestic beauty of it all.

Urbandale is often a driver’s paradise when it comes to getting around. Many streets are perfectly maintained, boasting broad boulevards and broad sidewalks. Consequently, pedestrians, drivers, and bicyclists can alike enjoy a worry-free and safe journey surrounded by the city’s picturesque views.

Urbandale is a place for everyone. From small businesses booming to a rich history and an abundance of outdoor recreation, exploring the many wonders of Urbandale is an essential part of learning how to embrace the American Dream fully.